Table of Contents

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  3. Listen


  • Ford v Ferrari: Cars, engineering, and a good story. Pretty nice movie to watch if you are into those things.
  • The Physics of Windmill Design: Clean energy generation is a thrilling topic. Why are windmills designed the way they are? What are the principles behind them?
  • Behind Costco’s Treasure-Hunt Shopping Strategy - WSJ: Costco was one of my favorite places when I was living in Canada. Why Costco stores are designed the way they are? How do they profit? Why can they survive during a pandemic with barely any presence online?
  • The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks: We all wear masks now, but how do they work? This video explains the design of N95, and it’s pretty interesting.


  • The Vimes Boots Theory: Further Reflections: Interesting reflection about why rich (or wealthy) people stay rich. The tl;dr is that people with money usually know how to get the most out of an investment, and they can afford it in the first place. That gives them an advantage with respect to people that don’t have that knowledge, or can’t afford the initial investment.


  • TIL about planes: How do planes contribute to global warming? Why do people say that we should stop flying? The whole TILclimate is a good introduction to some of the climate change topics.