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  • Which Planet is the closest?: Wow, there are so many things we assume that are not true, and even counter intuitive! This follow-up video talks about how we ask questions, and why some questions such as this one don’t have a clear answer.

  • How Does the Power Grid Work?: One of the many things we rely on that I don’t know how work. Very interesting series of videos explaining how power can reach our houses.

  • Why The Speed Of Light Can’t Be Measured: Apparently we can only measure the speed of light for a roundtrip, and we assume it’s the same in both directions, but what if it isnt!?


  • Should We Go Nuclear? - How to Save a Planet: Podcast about climate and innitiatives to solve the Climate Crisis. In this episode, they talk about nuclear energy, and whether it is an option or not. It’s interesting, although very focused in the US (as always). In my opinion, discussions around nuclear energy are always conditioned by preconcived ideas. They also forget to discuss the fact that renewable energies are not reliable (they can’t produce energy 100% of the time).

  • Ninguna Ola - La M.O.D.A: Latest album of one of my favourite Spanish bands!


  • Locke & Key (1-3): One of the best comics I’ve ever read. Fun and entertaining, the story traps you and once you start reading it.

  • Locke & Key (4-6): Second part of the story. Definitely worth reading. I’m not going to say more! No spoilers.

  • What Is the Geometry of the Universe?: Is our universe a plane, a torus, a three-sphere, or something else? And what would it be to live in one of those geometries?


  • Yesterday: Not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman, but entertaining if you like The Beatles.

  • Jojo Rabbit: Interesting movie about WWII and the Nazis. I still don’t know how I feel about doing a comedy of such event.