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  • How We Discovered the Number Zero: There are lots of ideas and concepts that we take for granted. The idea of zero is one of them, but when you think about it, the ability to count nothing is to a certain extent, counterintuitive.


  • The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats: Tiles can be more interesting that you might think. Can we cover a surface with tiles in such a way that it is not possible to create the tiling by taking some (potentially very large) section and repeating it over and over again? Yes! Since I moved to Oxford, I’ve been looking forward to visiting the Mathematical Insitute and admire the Penrose Tiling there. Here you can find more info!
  • Vitess Intro: How to Migrate a MySQL Database to Vitess: Vitess is one of the most interesting solutions to scale MySQL.
  • Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars: I’m kinda against cars in cities, but I didn’t know that until I moved to Canada. I grew up in Spain, and mostly traveled around Europe, so I took good public transport for granted. My experience in Canada is that you need a car whether you like it or not. This is obviously due to different circumstances, but in general, North American people like their cars too much. This video shows some ideas (reality isn’t as nice) that Barcelona is considering to reduce cars in the city center.